Novetude Santé

The significant events of fiscal 2016-2017 for Novetude Santé were:

  • It relocated its Montpellier and Nîmes colleges that offer preparatory courses for medical and para-medical studies.
  • It obtained ISO 9001 certification for all of its osteopathy colleges.
  • It created new websites for its medical and para-medical studies preparatory courses.

The group’s aim to constantly improve its pedagogical methods and tools was demonstrated during the year by the individual monitoring process it put in place for all students, as well as by its ongoing student recruitment drive.

Also during the year, Novetude Santé acquired Centre Epsilon, a highly-respected private college based in Paris. This has strengthened the group’s division that offers preparatory courses for medical and para-medical studies (for the PACES exam).

In 2017-2018, the Novetude Santé group’s organic growth is expected to increase, propelled by:

  • The high intake level for September 2017.
  • The requests lodged for higher student quotas for the osteopathy colleges in Strasbourg and Bordeaux.
  • The strong commercial momentum for continuing professional education for self-employed nurses and the ramp-up of continuing professional education courses for dental technicians.

Novetude Santé also intends to pursue its acquisition-led growth in the coming fiscal year and has identified several potential targets in the areas of preparatory courses for the competitive exam for medical interns (ECN) and continuing professional education.

Focus on

Centre Epsilon

Founded in 1978 and based in Paris and its suburbs, Centre Epsilon is a private college that has a dozen sites located near to medical faculties and offers preparatory training for the competitive exam that students in a range of medical professions in France are required to take after a one-year university foundation course (PACES).

Since it was formed, Centre Epsilon has provided training to more than 14,000 future doctors, dentists and pharmacists.

The three major benefits of the Centre Epsilon acquisition:

  • It reinforces Novetude Santé’s preparatory courses division as Centre Epsilon is a long-standing market player with a strong reputation in Paris.
  • It extends the group’s geographic footprint by giving it a presence in Paris.
  • It positions Novetude Santé as the market leader and a benchmark player in preparatory courses for competitive exams for medical studies (from the PACES exam through to medical internships).